About Us

Yantai Guodasafina High-tech Environmental Refinery CO., Ltd. is the largest country in Shandong Gold Co.and the Czech Republic's largest precious metals Refining enterprise-Safina, as a jointly funded the establishment of Sino-foreign joint ventures. company in October 2004 in Yantai City Industry and Commerce Bureau incorporated and registered capital of 5 million U.S. dollars. Precious metals company primarily engaged in refining and deep-processing Industry Services, covering gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper and other areas, procurement of the main products are : gold and silver copper, anode mud, the rough thick silver and precious metals with various materials. Sales of main products are : (a) a standard # silver ingots (GB); (2) a standard # bullion; (3) silver crystal; (4) electroplating silver plate; (5) 925 silver jewelry, silver-mouth; (6) dental alloys; (7) silver solder. Agent business : corporate customers in the Shanghai Gold Exchange gold silver, and platinum transactions.

Companies with an annual output of 10 tons of gold, 150 tons of silver and the recovery of other rare metals 15 tons, Precious metals deep processing of various products 50 tons of production capacity, the main products sold to the Shanghai Gold Exchange. The leading jewelry processing enterprises, and electrical enterprises and overseas markets.

Company in May 2006 as the Shanghai Gold Exchange Composite Class Member, October the same year as the Shanghai Huatong silver market Ltd. Platinum members, and become brand silver ingots suppliers, "National Assembly Safeina" brand in April 2007 by the Chinese silver net as "the most popular customers 20 brands ", the same year in June to become Shanghai Gold Exchange standards bullion, silver ingots standards recognized by the refining business.